¡Happy new year 2018!

As always, I wish you the best for this new year 2018 and I hope 2017 has been a good year for you.

From now on, as you can see in the previous post about taking notes in Atom, I’m going to write all the content of this blog in English, and it’s going to be focused in programming and some guides and small tips related to that matter. I think this is a good way to reach more people that work in front of a computer as I do, and also is obvious that the majority of the content in the Internet is written in English, so writing more content in Spanish is not really useful for everyone.

See you!

Mi nombre es Alejandro Castilla Quesada. Desde pequeño he tenido mucho interés por la informática, las últimas tecnologías, los videojuegos... entre otros temas como la política o la en actualidad general. Además, me gusta hacer deporte y ver series en mi tiempo libre. Actualmente me dedico a la programación en Java en Intendia S.L.Actualmente estoy trabajando como programador Java (GWT y JEE) en Intendia S.L. (www.intendia.com)